It’s finally watermelon time; waste not a minute of it. If the idea of a whole watermelon is too much to think about, break it into two or three different things – a salad (as in today’s prompt), puree for popsicles, and a few good slices for afternoon snacking. Of course, you could also juice it for cocktails….

Grilled Chicken | Herbed Couscous | Watermelon, Feta & Olive Salad

Love to Cook: Here is a quick take on the classic Silver Palate Chicken Marbella, only without olives or 24 hour prep and cooked on a grill instead of oven baked. It’s a nice sweet balance for the watermelon, feta & olive salad. If you need a starch to feel like your plate is well-rounded, make some herbed pearl couscous, perhaps with just salt and parsley.

Weeknight Reality: Marinate the chicken (thighs, preferably) in prepared dressing (Italian always works; spicy mango is also good) while you prepare the watermelon salad – here’s a version without olives, if you prefer. Grill the chicken while the salad rests and the couscous steams.

Need a Miracle: Buy grilled chicken strips and use pre-cut watermelon for the salad, using Nigella Lawson’s version because she is so entertaining; skip the couscous and toast some sourdough bread instead.