Beef Kabobs | Coconut Rice | Cilantro Salad

So if you’re not a meat-eater, then this whole idea might seem gross and obscene. But vegetable kabobs sprinkled with a bit of feta would be an agreeable alternative, right? The point is to line up some things that you enjoy eating, thread them on a skewer and slide them onto the grill or under the oven broiler. And if you’re in a hurry, most markets and groceries have ready-made chicken, beef and seafood skewers ready for you to take straight home and cook. If you don’t have time to cook rice (or don’t like it), then you can either skip it or substitute some potatoes cooked on the grill (small ones in a grill basket) or grill some bread. The cilantro salad adds a nice, cool balance to offset the summer heat.

Love to Cook: Here’s a very basic but good shish kabob primer that includes directions for prepping the skewers (essential), marinating the meat, and getting everything cooked evenly. All in all the time is several hours, but most of the time is letting the meat marinate and the skewers soak. Start the rice and prep the salad when you put the skewers in to soak; the rice can sit at room temp once it’s cooked, and the salad will come together at the last minute while the skewers rest.

Weeknight Reality: The longest part of this kabob preparation is letting the skewers soak; this simple coconut rice takes just 15 minutes, and the salad about the same.

Need a Miracle: Yep, you’re buying prepared kabobs from the meat counter; there is no other quicker shortcut. Instead of rice, grill some flatbread. For the salad try some mixed greens with a prepared cilantro dressing and extra lime wedges on the side.