red and orange carrots

Potato-Leek Pancakes | Roasted Carrot Salad

Although you may think of potatoes and carrots as fall foods, they’re also fresh and tender in the spring, as are leeks. If you must have meat with your evening meal, fry some bacon or ham to go on the side.

Love to Cook: This potato-leek pancake recipe is more like a crab cake than traditional potato pancake, and it’s paired with an unusual dipping sauce; make these honey-and-soy-glazed carrots and serve them over a bed of tender spring greens or mache shoots.

Weeknight Reality: Instead of individual pancakes, try this potato-leek galette (substitute herbs or arugula for the watercress, if you like); serve with this tried-and-true recipe for roasted carrots, again served over some spring greens.

Need a Miracle: This simple potato pancake recipe will work with bagged shredded potatoes, available in the dairy section of the grocery; instead of roasted carrots try this grated carrot salad, which you could make with bagged, shredded carrots and serve over shredded lettuce.