tomatoes july 2014

Grilled Chicken | Fattoush

It’s tomato time! Few summer dishes show off tomatoes as well as a lemony fattoush salad. Although you can skip the pomegranate molasses without making much difference, the sumac is worth a trip to Penzeys (or your local spice store).

Love to Cook: Here’s Lynne Rossetto Kasper’s version from The Splendid Table and one from bon appetit. Both versions are similar, and either will yield a terrific result. Serve with simple grilled lemon chicken.

Weeknight Reality: This version from Eating Well is a little simpler and also has instructions for the grilled chicken.

Need a Miracle: Take the time to make the salad and serve it with rotisserie chicken from the deli (or grilled chicken pieces).


Couscous with Cauliflower & Almonds | Grilled Chicken | Grilled Romaine with Gorgonzola


Here’s a twist on the classic “meat & 2” dinner, with couscous and seasonal vegetables taking the main stage and meat (chicken, in this case) a secondary role. If couscous isn’t on your approved food list, try the version that’s just cauliflower – delicious, and celiac-approved.

Love to Cook: Mark Bittman’s Couscous with Cauliflower & Almonds is easy and delicious – and it keeps well; pair with this simple grilled chicken and this Grilled Romaine with Gorgonzola and Pecans

Weeknight Reality: This non-grain alternative “couscous” is easy, tasty and quick; use the same grilling technique as above for the chicken; quickly grill the lettuce at the end of cooking the chicken, and top with prepared Gorgonzola dressing

Need a Miracle: This cauliflower couscous takes just 10 minutes to prepare; add some slivered almonds to it, if you like. Instead of grilling chicken, substitute rotisserie or grilled chicken from the deli. Serve a plain lettuce salad with prepared dressing.