Tacos make for easy entertaining. Prepare all of the individual components, and then let everyone assemble their own plates. The bonus is that people can pick and choose without having to feel impolite about it.

Instead of standard taco bar taco fare, try some spicy chicken paired with cool mango (or peach) salsa and a bunch of cilantro. It’s a lighter version of the traditional taco night but still with the hot-sweet combo.

Love to Cook: This Bobby Flay recipe for Grilled Jerk Chicken with Mango Salsa is easy but requires a long marinating time for the flavors to develop fully.

Weeknight Reality: This recipe for Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos uses pantry spices instead of fresh ingredients for the chicken, which makes prep faster (although there’s still a required marinating time). You could use frozen mango pieces instead of fresh to speed things up for the salsa.

Need a Miracle: If you’re making the chicken at home, there’s no way around marinating time. This recipe from La Tortilla Factory uses prepared spice rub, though, so it’s really about as simple as simple can get.



So, you didn’t plan dinner and you don’t feel like cooking and it’s hot outside? Yeah, here too. How about a platter of fresh vegetables and Mediterranean treats, scooped up from the olive bar at your local market?

Mediterranean Platter (Greek salad, stuffed grape leaves, olives, hummus, grilled lemon chicken, etc.)

Love to Cook: This Composed Greek Salad makes a pretty presentation, and a hearty vegetarian meal. For a different twist, try this hummus made with white beans and anchovies.

Weeknight Reality: Here’s a Greek salad that’s ready in 15 minutes, even with homemade dressing. Provided you have a food processor, this simple hummus is also super quick. Serve with some store-bought stuffed grape leaves and a tray of olives.

Need a Miracle: Yep, you’re buying it all pre-made from the market, or take-out from Taziki’s.


Something that helps you ride the waves of winter

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Food Ideas

  • Love to Cook: Cioppino
  • Weeknight Reality: Linguini with clams, lemon and parsley or homemade fish ‘n chips
  • Need a Miracle: tapas plates with smoked oysters, cocktail shrimp, smoked trout and toast points

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