About me

I am a home-trained home cook, taught by my mother and tested by my children. In early 2010, to keep myself out of both the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru line and the loony bin, I started making weekly meal plans for my family – simple dinners that my family would eat and that my husband could prepare if I (family short order cook) were late coming home from work. In January 2013 I added the weekly plans to my writing blog, jenny’s lark. In January 2015 the weekly menus morphed into daily dinner prompts: a simple idea for a meal based on a flavor or place or main ingredient that sounded tasty.

Dinner prompts – the idea, the blog, the posts – are created and written by me, Jennifer Balink, writer, photographer, mom, change agent, and converted believer in Memphis. Want to know more? Visit jenny’s lark.

All words and images are mine, forever. Don’t be a thieving jerk.

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