4 thoughts on “One-pot.

  1. Michelle

    I’m with your mother. The only good use I’ve ever found for the crock pot I probably got as a young bride was keeping made-ahead mashed potatoes warm for a dinner party. That worked really well! I’ve never seen the need for an Instant Pot. As Steve said, when everybody was singing their praises: “We’ve got a pressure cooker already. And we never use that.”


  2. Ray Laskowitz

    We use an ancient Magnalite that is cook with maybe twice a week. It was ancient when we bought it, which was the whole point. We bought an InstaPot. Sorry to say that it can never be a one pot cooker.


  3. Betsy Hood

    Agree. I often eschew one hit wonders (why do I need a bread maker when I have an oven and a bread pan). I have a tacky pink crock pot that I use to keep mulled wine warm. Other than that, meh. I can put my oven on low or use the handy time bake option. I love some quick beef bourguinion or coq au vin in the oven. Bravo.


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