Steak Salad with Herbs | Toasted Sourdough Bread

Here’s your challenge, should you choose to accept it: find a real, honest-to-goodness loaf of sourdough bread. Why? For one thing (and important thing), it tastes good. For another, sourdough bread has more to it, nutrition-wise, than your standard French or Italian loaf. If you’re up for the challenge, keeping sourdough starter in your refrigerator and making your own bread regularly will keep you in good supply – for breakfast toast, lunchtime sandwiches or rounding out dinner. To enjoy the tart flavor of the bread, serve with something simple, like an herb salad topped with your choice of protein (we’re having steak).

Love to Cook: This steak salad recipe calls for both eggplant and corn – perfect for this time of year. If grilling isn’t an option, you could easily use the oven broiler instead. For a vegetarian option, try this sourdough bread salad with capers and anchovies.

Weeknight Reality: Same as above; if the eggplant is too much work for you, substitute other fresh, raw vegetables from the market.

Need a Miracle: If you are getting your bread at the grocery and don’t have a stellar bakery section, you may have to select something other than sourdough – say a spouted grain bread, or sprouted grain crackers. Toss the herb salad (Earthbound Farms makes a good ready-to-eat herb blend) in a mustard vinaigrette and top with your choice of quickly prepared protein: rotisserie chicken, deli roast beef, veggie burgers (warmed in the microwave) or even canned beans.

Planning ahead? Here are some things to think about:

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