Risotto with Kale Pesto | Broiled Tomatoes with Balsamic Vinegar

So, it’s Monday, the first Monday in August. All day long. The last Monday before school starts, for some, even though it seems like summer just got here. If you’re thinking about getting back into a routine and making dinner plans a part of your routine, one thing to try, while summer vegetables are still in season, is meatless Monday. There are thousands of ways to approach a meatless dinner, but a good way to start, if you’re accustomed to animal protein at every meal, is with a main course that’s hearty and satisfying (and family-friendly), like risotto, or another cooked grain.

Love to Cook: This recipe for oven risotto with kale pesto has a longer ingredient list that many weeknight recipes, but most of the work is hands-off baking time. While you’re finishing the risotto on the stovetop you can broil the tomatoes.

Weeknight Reality: This simple kale pesto recipe could use a dash of lemon juice, I think; but maybe that’s just me. Anyway, it’s quick and easy and can be used for other things.

Need a Miracle: Instead of making pesto (kale or otherwise), use prepared; instead of making risotto, use fresh pasta from the refrigerated section; instead of broiling the tomatoes, just slice, salt, drizzle with oil/vinegar, and serve.

How about the rest of the week? Here you go; plan accordingly.

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