my meyer lemons

Roasted Lemon Chicken  | Buttermilk Cabbage Slaw | Grilled Sourdough Bread

Few things make a kitchen (or house) smell as good as a chicken roasting in the oven. Other than the cooking time, roasting a chicken is quick and simple – the oven really does all the work. Pair with some fresh green cabbage that’s tossed in buttermilk dressing, grill some bread, and everyone will be happy.

Love to Cook: I’ve never found a better recipe for lemon/garlic roast chicken than Ina Garten’s. It works every time, as does her buttermilk dressing.

Weeknight Reality: Buy the chicken, but make the slaw and dressing using this same recipe as above.

Need a Miracle: Buy the chicken, shredded cabbage (or slaw)  and buttermilk dressing – looking for a refrigerated dressing, if you can, because it will taste better.


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