If you’re itching to shake the gray, rainy weather with a taste of summer (even though summer’s not quite here yet) some robust pasta puttanesca should do the trick. Pair it with a cool cucumber salad and end with a tub of salted caramel gelato (which you could, of course, make instead of buying), and presto-chango, you’ll feel sunny and bright.

Pasta Puttanesca | Marinated Cucumber Salad | Salted Caramel Gelato

Love to Cook: Most puttanesca recipes are pretty easy, and this one’s no exception; this cucumber salad is a particularly good companion for the flavors in the pasta; if you’re up for making you’re own gelato, why not try salted caramel + bourbon-hazelnut swirl

Weeknight Reality: Here’s a one-skillet version of the pasta that will be ready in a flash; make this cucumber salad (same as above) while it’s cooking; don’t forget your Talenti gelato

Need a Miracle: This super-quick version of puttanesca will be ready in a flash; make the salad from the grocery salad bar and buy the gelato. Bada-bing.

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