Prompt Recap: April 5, 2015

Missed a day or want a full set of ideas in one place? Here are six prompts to help you make it through the week, whether you have plenty of time to cook or need a miracle nightly. Click the one word prompt to go to the full set of ideas and recipe links.

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Asparagusasparagus 2015

  • Love to Cook: Asparagus-Gruyere tart (or galette) with an asparagus-mint salad
  • Weeknight Reality: Roasted asparagus with grilled lemon chicken (or fish) and fresh herb salad OR pasta with asparagus
  • Need a Miracle: Grilled cheese with asparagus pesto (it’s easier than you think) and a green salad

Dandeliondandelion greens

  • Love to Cook: Pan-fried or grilled fish with dandelion salad
  • Weeknight Reality: Pasta with sausage and dandelion greens
  • Need a Miracle: Dandelion salad with Parmesan & poached eggs



  • Love to Cook: Pork roast (or fish) with roasted (or grilled) fennel
  • Weeknight Reality: Roasted sausage (or potatoes) with fennel
  • Need a Miracle: Fennel slaw, topped with shredded chicken or boiled eggs


Eggsthe incredible edible egg

  • Love to Cook: Eggs Florentine with a spring green salad
  • Weeknight Reality: Shakshuka with warm pita bread
  • Need a Miracle: Scrambled eggs with fresh herbs and goat cheese, served with cinnamon toast



  • Love to Cook: French-style fish stew (bouillabaisse, Bourride) with an arugula salad
  • Weeknight Reality: Halibut fish & chips
  • Need a Miracle: Pan-fried halibut with raw or lightly steamed spring vegetables



  • Love to Cook: Homemade mushroom ravioli with goat cheese sauce; spring herb salad
  • Weeknight Reality: Chicken and mushrooms over angel hair pasta; spring salad
  • Need a Miracle: Marinated mushrooms (from the grocery bar) roughly chopped, tossed with goat cheese and herbs and served on brioche toast OR grilled cheese with a spinach/raw mushroom salad

Parting Thought

If you must hate, if hatred is the leaven of your life, which alone can give flavor, then hate what should be hated: falsehood, violence, selfishness.

Ludwig Börne (1786–1837), The Eternal Jew


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