If you’re planning fish for your Good Friday dinner, halibut would be a good choice. Pacific halibut, a sustainable fish, is like a blank canvas – it works well in many different types of preparation, from simple fish sticks to French-style stew. The official Pacific season doesn’t start until May, but flash-frozen, wild-caught halibut should be available in the freezer section year ’round.


Food Ideas

  • Love to Cook: French-style fish stew (bouillabaisse, Bourride) with an arugula salad
  • Weeknight Reality: Halibut fish & chips
  • Need a Miracle: Pan-fried halibut with raw or lightly steamed spring vegetables

Recipe Links

Parting Thought

All I did was say to my wife, “That piece of halibut was good enough for Jehovah!”

Matthias, Monty Python’s Life of Brian


3 thoughts on “Halibut

  1. Angie Keesee

    pacific halibut is fresh now. Just bought some at the co-op for tomorrow’s dinner. Broiled with aoli. MT lamb for Easter. And that’s about all the fresh seasonal we get until August. Well, maybe late June.


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