Kelly English sweet potato pots de creme

A cozy dinner in a warm kitchen is the perfect way to start an evening that will end with a book (or movie) and early bedtime. It doesn’t have to be involved, but it can definitely be more than a can of soup and some crackers.

Love to cook: If you’re up for cooking something a little more involved, try mushroom ragout over polenta. If it’s a weekend and you have the time to spare (or a weekday, and you have a slow cooker), pot roast is a sure-fire main course for this type of evening.

Weeknight Reality: A spanikopita that comes together quickly in one pan? Yes.

Need a Miracle: Fast-paced day that you want to slow down? Grilled cheese never fails. Use whatever cheese you have in the refrigerator (even if it’s grated) and dress it up with some pepper jelly or the bread and butter pickles that someone gave you for Christmas (that are still in your pantry, unopened).

Recipe links

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Creamy One-Pot Dijon Chicken

Need more inspiration? Here’s what Pinterest has to offer for Cozy Winter Recipes.

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